Sustainable Brands

We Need Your Help in the Sustainable Brands Innovation Open

    Dear members and fans, DonationMatch made it to the Sustainable Brands Innovation Open shortlist! What does this mean? The Sustainable Brands Conference, happening June 2-5, 2014 in San Diego, educates business leaders about how they can contribute to a more sustainable brand. It also promotes [...]

NAWBO San Diego Presents DonationMatch Founder with BRAVO! Trailblazer Award

The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) in San Diego hosted the BRAVO! Awards on May 22nd to celebrate the accomplishments of women entrepreneurs throughout the region. Our founder, Renee Zau, was given the Trailblazer Award for her innovative work connecting the cause marketing [...]

5 Minutes with DonationMatch Co-Founder Renee Zau

By Juliet Davenport, Nonprofit Ambassador at DonationMatch When was the last time you experienced a pain and decided to devote your full-time effort to solving it? Co-founder Renee Zau became an accidental web entrepreneur when she wished for a product like DonationMatch and waited several years [...]

Why The Founder Institute?

By Darryl Rettig and Renee Zau, Co-founders, DonationMatch Pretty much everyone is familiar with the movie The Karate Kid. The short story is that the protagonist, Daniel, was new to an area and was bullied by a bunch a local kids while trying to win the heart of a girl. Into his life steps a [...]

What’s Happening: DonationMatch Behind the Scenes

By Renee Zau, Co-founder, DonationMatch [Updated 2/24/14: We are in the process of creating a new poster, as we have now surpassed getting $2.69 Million in goods to 1,000+ schools and nonprofit events. Learn more about receiving these benefits for the organization your support at [...]
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